Dash 2 Trade Whitepaper

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto auto-trading platform designed to empower all crypto traders with access to powerful trading bots, automation, and market analytics.

Why Should Traders Choose Dash 2 Trade?

Whether you want to assess a trading strategy's effectiveness or implement your own custom bots across various cryptocurrencies and exchanges, Dash 2 Trade is here to help.

Our platform covers the entire crypto bot trading process, from initial testing to deployment and subsequent strategy refinement. By leveraging automation, we simplify this process for traders, freeing them from repetitive manual work and constant chart monitoring, allowing them to focus on what matters most — developing successful crypto trading strategies.

Why Should Traders Choose Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade assists traders in 3 key ways:

  • Accelerating the auto-trading process — allowing for efficient backtesting, deployment, and improvement of trading strategies.

  • Consolidating various independent data streams and exchange interfaces into a single, manageable dashboard, enabling traders to broaden their scope without additional workload.

  • Offering educational materials that are both engaging and easy to understand, kickstarting the skill-building journey and greatly improving traders' prospects for success.

Dash 2 Trade assists traders in 3 key ways:

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard Features

DCA & Grid Bot

Two of the most popular and widely used bot configurations are packaged into standalone features within the Dash 2 Trade platform. These are the Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) and grid bots.

DCA and grid bots are primarily used during sideways (ranging) markets when asset prices are consolidating. These market conditions present unique opportunities to automate trading while price action is more predictable. For example, a grid bot’s main purpose is to relieve the trader from the difficult task of accurately tracking when prices are low in a range, placing buy orders, and managing risk with carefully positioned take-profit and stop-loss orders. Similarly, traders often use the DCA bot to reduce risk by spreading out market entry over multiple orders, which averages out the purchase price while also minimizing risk.

While dozens of other popular bot trading strategies exist, grid and DCA stand out as reliable and simple to manage, which is why they’re featured so prominently on Dash 2 Trade.

Every instance of a grid or DCA bot comes with a comprehensive breakdown of its market performance (incl., its total Profit and Loss (PnL), open and closed positions, time spent actively trading, and more).

Grid, DCA, and other bots available on Dash 2 Trade can be configured to work on numerous popular exchanges (e.g., Binance, Kraken, Bybit,, Bitget, OKX).

Key features:

  • Streamlined Trading Automation
  • Detailed Performance Analytics
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Broad Exchange Compatibility
DCA & Grid Bot

Market Events (Trading Signals)

Dash 2 Trade’s Market Events dashboard is dedicated to surfacing live trading signals derived from special market conditions. For traders, finding the market conditions that allow for good trade setups is time-consuming and difficult, especially for beginner traders, and can only be done effectively on a limited number of assets at a time, leading to many missed opportunities.

This dashboard allows traders to quickly spot market opportunities across hundreds of asset pairs. Events are live and appear as they happen. Users can filter events by type, sentiment, timeframe, token trading pair, time, and date.

Market Events (Trading Signals)

Strategy Builder (Backtester)

Dash 2 Trade enables traders of all skill levels to create personalized trading strategies using a powerful backtester (strategy builder). With diverse indicators and metrics available, platform subscribers can develop their own custom-tailored trading approaches and rigorously test them against past market data.

Before deploying any capital, traders can leverage the comprehensive backtesting feature, which simulates past market conditions to test the effectiveness of both short and long-term strategies. This helps assess a strategy's historical profitability and, if necessary, allows for optimization and re-testing. The results offer numerous useful analytics, metrics, and suggestions to assist in more successful trading.

The backtester module also includes a “pre-built strategies” feature that allows users to copy top-performing strategies generated by our quant team. Copying these strategies and tinkering with their properties is a great way for users to get started with strategy building, quickly.

To read more about backtesting and how to get started with the D2T backtest.

Strategy Builder (Backtester)


Automation isn’t the only way to save time and reduce risk. Diversification and bulk asset purchasing is a time-tested method of achieving both.

Dash 2 Trade’s Bundles feature curated collections of popular tokens segmented by category and market capitalization to offer traders the opportunity to invest directly into entire cryptocurrency classes. By spreading risk across multiple assets, the impact of underperforming tokens on the overall portfolio is minimized. At the same time, traders are spared the hassle of organizing and managing a well-diversified portfolio.


D2T Token, Ecosystem, and Subscription Benefits

Token Attributes

  • ERC-20
  • Fixed Supply
  • 1 Billion total supply
  • No buy/sell tax
Token contract address:

Token Utility

The subscription smart contract is deployed on D2T’s native blockchain: Ethereum.

When paying using crypto, Dash 2 Trade subscription prices are denominated and quoted in USDT. This means that, while the amount of ETH or D2T paid may vary, the subscription price denominated in USDT will remain fixed.

How subscription payments work

Option 1: Payment in D2T

  1. The user selects the subscription and payment option.
  2. The user is prompted to connect their wallet (if not already connected) to the D2T web app.
  3. The user proceeds to Metamask checkout where they will interact directly with the Subscription Smart Contract.
  4. The user pays the subscription with the required amount of D2T (the fixed subscription’s USDT price is converted to D2T at the moment of purchase via an on-chain D2T price Oracle).
  5. The D2T tokens arrive in Dash 2 Trade’s subscription payment wallet and unlimited platform access is provided to the user.


  • D2T tokens provide access to the Dash 2 Trade application.

Users can top up their subscriptions to a maximum of 12 months at any time. This means that after 6 months, they may top up their subscription with a 6-month payment.

Option 2: Payment in ETH

  1. The user pays the subscription price in ETH to the subscription smart contract.
  2. After ETH payment is confirmed via the smart contract, the user’s account immediately gains access to the subscription benefits.
  3. Dash 2 Trade converts* the ETH received from the subscription payment into D2T at randomized intervals to eliminate front-running.


  • Reduced transaction fees for users and improved ease of use.
  • Dash 2 Trade bears the transaction cost of the ETH to D2T swap.
*No less than 50% of the ETH received by the ETH.D2T subscription smart contract is converted into D2T. The remaining ETH is used for referral payments, affiliate link payments, and furthering the success of the Dash 2 Trade platform.
    Free tier
    Email Signup
  • Most Popular Signals
  • Smart Money Posts
  • 1 Backtest per month
    Premium tier
    Payment in D2T or ETH
  • Auto-trading Bots (DCA+GRID)
  • Custom Strategy Builder
  • Full access to Crypto Signals
  • Access to all other paid features of D2T

The Dash 2 Trade Subscriptions Smart Contract

Dash 2 Trade utilizes a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain for managing subscriptions. This decentralized approach ensures that transactions are secure, transparent, and tamper-proof. The contract allows users to subscribe to the platform using Ethereum (ETH) or D2T, Dash 2 Trade’s native token, leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate a smooth, decentralized subscription process.

How It Works

When a user decides to subscribe to Dash 2 Trade, they can choose to pay with ETH or D2T tokens. The smart contract calculates the subscription fee based on current market rates, obtained via Uniswap V3 interfaces, ensuring fair and dynamic pricing. Discounts are applied depending on the payment method and the remaining time on any existing subscription, promoting loyalty and longer-term engagement.

Once payment is confirmed, the smart contract immediately updates the user's subscription status, extending it by one year from the date of the transaction. This process is automated and encoded in the blockchain, providing a high degree of reliability and eliminating the need for manual processing

Handling of Funds

Funds transferred to the smart contract for subscriptions are managed transparently and securely. ETH payments are immediately converted to the subscription service, while ERC-20 token transfers utilize the SafeERC20 standard to minimize risks. The contract is designed to ensure that funds are only accessed for their intended purpose, with mechanisms in place for secure withdrawal by the contract owner, strictly for operational liquidity and platform development.

In summary, Dash 2 Trade’s subscription smart contract not only simplifies the process of maintaining active subscriptions but also ensures that all participant interactions are secure, transparent, and aligned with the best practices of decentralized finance.

Subscriptions and Their Benefits

For a full breakdown and up-to-date information on each tier and its included features, please visit our website. Below you will find the core features of the Dash 2 Trade platform.

  • Trading Indicators and Signals: Access powerful indicators and stay ahead of the market with accurate signals to inform your trading strategy.
  • Trading Bots (Grid and DCA): Let the bots do the heavy lifting and focus on what’s important — crafting winning strategies.
  • Backtester: Develop, test, and compare trading strategies using historical market data.
  • Bundles: Diversify your investments with pre-curated token collections.

The Professional Tier is designed to offer a robust set of tools and resources for individuals seeking to take their trading to the next level, whether they are seasoned professionals or ambitious newcomers. New features will be added continuously, and the platform will evolve over time. We are committed to staying current with crypto market trends and integrating the most sought-after features as we progress.


Thus far the team has delivered complete first versions of the Dash 2 Trade backtester, grid bot, DCA bot, and Market Events. We’ve implemented the subscription smart contract used to handle decentralized payments for user subscriptions. We’ve also integrated token bundles making portfolio diversifications simple for all Premium subscribers.

In the coming months, the second version of the Autotrader will be released which will integrate the backtester (strategy builder) with the trading execution engine to become a fully customizable bot trading solution. Previously only available on historical market data, users will now be able to create and execute unique, custom automated trading strategies on live markets.

A number of new trading patterns and signals will become available in 2024. They will be integrated into the autotrader as well as the Market Events dashboard. New pre-built bot strategy configurations will be available in late-2024 and early-2025.

Going forward, in 2025, we will be developing and implementing community-requested platform tools and features.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that we will remain at the forefront of crypto trading and analytics.

Risk Statement

Understanding risk is an important consideration for protecting capital, so before deciding to purchase the D2T token prospective holders should carefully weigh their risk appetite.

Purchasing D2T tokens entails a degree of risk and may lead to the loss of a considerable or the whole of the capital advanced, as delimited by the amount of purchased D2T tokens. Before purchasing, prospective holders should carefully consider the risks identified in this whitepaper, as well as any other risks not anticipated or included here.

The regulatory status of crypto assets may vary depending on your jurisdiction. It may be possible that future laws, regulations, or policies relating to crypto assets may be implemented that affect token holders' acquisition, rights, and ability to buy, sell, convert, or use crypto assets such as the D2T token.

You should only purchase D2T tokens if you fully understand the tokenomics of the D2T token and the D2T ecosystem. Crypto assets are not regulated as financial instruments and there is no refund or compensation available from corresponding regulatory bodies.

Crypto assets can be the subject of expropriation or theft. There may be no remedy if there is a successful attack by malicious actors against the Ethereum blockchain on which the D2T token is built. Additionally, hackers may attempt to interfere with the D2T platform directly in a number of different ways such as malware attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, and consensus-based exploits. These attacks could lead to a loss of D2T tokens or the loss of the ability to access D2T tokens.

Readers should consider consulting professionals such as an independent financial adviser, a tax consultant, an accountant, or a lawyer in order to fully satisfy themselves regarding any outstanding matter related to the purchase of the D2T token.

Try Dash 2 Trade now. Enjoy new trading experience.