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  • Event Streams
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  • Grid Bots
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  • Unlimited Backtests
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Frequently asked questions

What is the idea behind Dash 2 Trade?

The main vision of Dash 2 Trade is to have an all-in-one dashboard to meet crypto trading needs for retail.

Firstly we see ourselves as an on-ramp for the versatile trading space that crypto has to offer. We want to convert the typical crypto user to the successful crypto trader. This means a lower barrier to entries to various aspects of the trading space - like coming up with and testing a strategy.

Second - We want Dash 2 Trade to be a consistent and independent source of signal and actionable insight. This we aim to offer in various ways by presenting unique information from the crypto markets to users

And Third - We aim to build a strong trading community. 'Social Trading' is a concept that we have clear ideas on how to execute - mainly through trading competitions and signal sharing. We want to create the environment that facilitates this and engages the community with the Dash 2 Trade platform.

Is Dash 2 Trade a dex or cex?

Neither - it is a trading analytics tool. We do have an integration with cex in the form of an auto trading tool that is in development. This means you can connect your exchange/brokers API to our system and set up automated trades that are routed through your preferred CEX for execution.

What is the minimum subscription duration for Dash 2 Trade?

One year. Given the transaction costs of the Ethereum network the first V1 Subscription Smart Contracts will require a minimum of 1 year subscription.

How can I buy D2T token?


Firstly, make sure you have a MetaMask account ready (for mobile users we recommend using Trust Wallet).


Go straight to the buy page for D2T on Uniswap by clicking here. Make sure you are on https://app.uniswap.org/ before you proceed


Click on the ‘Connect’ button and select your wallet option to enable Uniswap to interact with your wallet. Make sure you are connected to the Ethereum network.


Once connected you can buy D2T tokens using ETH or USDT. Just choose the amount of D2T tokens you wish to buy and click ‘Swap’.

How to buy

Take note of the price impact, minimum received, and network fee before proceeding. Check the order details, then click ‘Confirm Swap’

What indicators are included in Dash 2 Trade?

The list of indicators that Dash 2 Trade users is always expanding with user requests and new data streams being added. You can find an exhaustive indicator list and their explanation under the 'guides' section.

How do the pre-set strategies get populated

We have written a script that test many different configurations of coins and indicators automatically. Some of the interesting results are added to the presets so that users can learn from this.

How can I cancel my tiers subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled by contacting support through Discord. Depending on the subscription you chose and the time you have used the platform you may or may not be eligible for subscription cancellation and partial refund.

How can I contact Dash 2 Trade for customer support?

The best way to get in contact with Dash 2 Trade is to create a ticket in the support section on the Dash 2 Trade Discord server. You can access the server by using the link below. In the server you will find the support section where you can create a ticket, and you will be able to receive assistance from Dash 2 Trade's customer support team.

Where can I claim my D2T tokens from pre-sale?

Go to claim.dash2trade.com, make sure you have enough ETH for gas fees. After claiming don't forget to add the D2T contract so you can "see" the tokens in your wallet. Add D2T contract to the wallet by "adding a custom token" within the wallet settings. Be sure to add the correct D2T Address: 0x4Dd942bAa75810a3C1E876e79d5cD35E09C97A76 Decimal: 18 Network: ETH Token Symbol: D2T

Can I try Dash 2 Trade for free before subscribing?

You have the free tier, which won't have all the features on it. We do not offer a free trial on the starter or Premium offering.

Can I change my personal details?

You can change your AI avatar and your username in the "My Profile" page

What the D2T data policy?

Find the privacy policy of Dash 2 Trade at the bottom of our landing page.