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How to Subscribe to Dash 2 Trade

How to Subscribe to Dash 2 Trade

In this short guide, we will walk you through how to subscribe to Dash 2 Trade the DeFi way (i.e., by connecting to our Ethereum-deployed smart contract). 

What You Will Need In Advance 

Note: If you already have a crypto wallet and know how to use it, feel free to skip this section.


Start by creating a Dash 2 Trade account if you don’t have one already. 


Then you will need to install the MetaMask browser extension. If you’ve never used it before, it’s the premier decentralized wallet on the market and it’s been around for a very long time. See this tutorial first: Getting Started with MetaMask.


You will also need to add some crypto to your wallet. Depending on where you live that might be a bit less straightforward, so here’s what you need to do: 

Find a crypto exchange that you’re allowed to use in your place of residence. The most popular options are: 


  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Crypto.com
  • OKX


Or just ask a friend to send you some crypto. You can also find dozens of fiat onramps here


Note: Fiat onramps are platforms that allow you to exchange your fiat currency (e.g., US Dollars, Euros, etc.) for crypto, which you can then transfer freely between decentralized wallets.


Finally, if you’d like to pay using $D2T tokens (Dash 2 Trade’s native cryptocurrency) you will need to buy it, either using a decentralized exchange (DEX) or on a centralized exchange (CEX), and then transfer it to your wallet. Alternatively, you can pay in Ethereum tokens.


$D2T is traded on the following reputable exchanges: 



IMPORTANT: If you choose to pay in $D2T you will still need some Ethereum tokens ($ETH) in your wallet to cover gas fees. Take a moment to read about gas fees and stay informed.


Now, let’s get started!


Step 1: Open Dash 2 Trade and click on the “Upgrade to Professional Tier” icon in the sidebar

1 - Subs Tut.webp

2 - Subs Tut.webp

Step 2: Click on “Connect Wallet” from the Professional Tier option

3 - Subs Tut.webp

4 - Subs.webp

Step 3: Select an account from your MetaMask wallet and click “Next”

5 - Subs Tut.webp

It is advisable to set up and connect to a new account and use it only for Dash 2 Trade subscription payments to minimize security risks.

Step 4: Click “Connect” to connect your Metamask with Dash 2 Trade

6 - Subs Tut.webp

Please note that connected accounts stay connected until you disconnect them manually. You can disconnect directly from the Metamask wallet extension. It is recommended to disconnect all decentralized applications (dApps) when you’re done interacting with them. This will further protect you from security vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Navigate back to Dash 2 Trade and select a payment method (save 15% with $D2T)

7 - Subs Tut.webp

Subscribing using $D2T comes with a 15% discount. You may also opt to use $ETH, however that method will be full price.

Step 6: Click on “Subscribe Now!”

8 - Subs Tut.webp

Step 7: Review payment details and click “Pay in D2T”

9 - Subs Tut.webp

Step 8: Back on MetaMask, set and approve a custom spending cap

10 - Subs Tut.webp

The required minimum spending cap will be set automatically when the MetaMask pop-up window appears.


We recommend you set it slightly higher as both $D2T and $ETH fluctuate in price and this may increase the amount of $D2T required for the subscription before you’re finished with your payment.


Note: The USD-equivalent value of the subscription will remain the same, regardless of the price of $D2T or $ETH.


Clicking “Next” will bring you to the transaction approval screen. 

11 - Subs Tut.webp

Note: Every “write” operation (i.e., an operation that changes the state of the blockchain) on Ethereum costs gas (the price of updating the blockchain). A spending cap approval will update the chain and thus incur a fee. You can track gas fees using a block explorer like Etherscan. Prices are usually at their lowest on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday — 2 AM to 3 AM [EST]) when network activity is at a minimum.


Click on “Approve” to set your spending cap.

Step 9: Finalize your subscription payment

12 - Subs Tut.webp

You will be asked to approve the transaction. Review it and click “Confirm” on your MetaMask to complete the subscription.

13 - Subs Tut.webp


14 - Subs Tut.webp

You’ve successfully subscribed to Dash 2 Trade, gaining access to powerful crypto trading bots, strategy-building tools, and market signals.


If you’re not sure what to do next, here are a few options: 



Thank you for choosing Dash 2 Trade. This is only the beginning of our journey together and we’re incredibly excited to see you grow alongside us.

Happy trading!

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