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D2T’s 2023 Year-in-Review: Essential Infrastructure and Powerful New Features

D2T’s 2023 Year-in-Review: Essential Infrastructure and Powerful New Features

Hey Traders!

With the New Year and all the expected features and updates in Q1 of 2024 almost here, we wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on the many development successes and achievements we’ve had so far and unpack what the future has in store for the Dash 2 Trade community. 

What Were Dash 2 Trade’s Main Development Goals in 2023?

Over the past year, we have been laying the groundwork for a scalable and maintainable platform that remains affordable for all users. This backend work may not be immediately visible to you but we assure you, it’s essential for the project’s long-term success. 


A flagship product like the Dash 2 Trade app is built out of hundreds of moving parts (e.g., unique data sources, custom-built services, and methods for authentication and payment), connecting them and ensuring they run smoothly is no small task. Our main goal was to achieve platform stability and make certain your trades, API keys, and identity are safe and secure while using the app and its features. 

What’s Already Done, Under Development, and Scheduled for the Near Future?

We have already introduced exciting new tools to the Dash 2 Trade app:


  • Backtester: A powerful tool helping traders test and refine even their most complex trading strategies.
  • Market Events: Offering a birdseye view of hundreds of market signals.
  • Token Presales: Helping traders quickly discover and review exciting new crypto projects.
  • Crypto News: Providing access to hundreds of crypto-market-related news articles aggregated from the most trusted publications. 


Fully developed and currently being internally tested by our dev team (as well as the Discord community XP challenge winners) are the first versions of our Grid and DCA bots. We’ve connected most of the top crypto exchanges and internally tested each integration with live trading.


Subscriptions, which will be released alongside the Grid and DCA bots in Q1, 2024, have also been fully developed and are undergoing rigorous internal testing. Subscription payments will be possible in both $D2T and $ETH. 


Today we’re happy to officially announce that Dash 2 Trade’s yearly subscription fee will start at $120. This is an incredibly competitive price designed to allow as many users as possible to benefit from the platform’s powerful features while rapidly growing the project’s market share. 

Last but definitely not least, possibly the most exciting of all upcoming releases following the DCA and Grid bots will be that of full, signal-based auto trading! We will soon be fusing the backtester with the auto trading backend to allow traders to deploy custom-tailored trading strategies to live markets. An ETA for this feature will be announced in Q1, 2024.

Why Are We Pushing the Launch of Subscriptions to Q1, 2024?

Although most of the development work has already been done, we made the difficult decision of postponing the launch of subscriptions slightly so that we can deliver a truly polished product that you can put to work from day one. 


As mentioned, we’re going through every new feature with a fine-toothed comb looking for, finding, and removing bugs and UX issues until we’re completely sure the platform is production ready. We sincerely thank you for your patience — it will be worth it.


The project is stronger than ever. The $D2T token is about to get its first real-world utility as the main payment option for platform subscriptions. Regarding development, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting, setting up the Dash 2 Trade infrastructure so that we can focus on releasing new features and updates consistently in the coming year. 


There’s a lot to be excited about right around the corner. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the tools we’ve been working on!


Thank you for your continued support and here’s to a prosperous 2024! 🥂


Happy Trading!

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