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D2T Team Answers: What Is D2T Presale Scoring, and How to Invest in Presales Successfully?

D2T Team Answers: What Is D2T Presale Scoring, and How to Invest in Presales Successfully?

Securing a promising crypto project at an early stage and buying its token before it’s listed on exchanges can yield substantial financial rewards. However, participating in presales can often prove tricky. Without rigorous research, traders may face major losses. Performing a comprehensive analysis to validate a project’s legitimacy is time-consuming, especially if you are diversifying across multiple projects. In fact, the average crypto trader spends nearly 3 weeks researching a presale token before buying.


To streamline the research process, Dash 2 Trade developed a sophisticated evaluation mechanism that results in the Dash Score. Each project receives a score between 0 and 100 and details are presented on the presales dashboard, allowing users to quickly pinpoint projects with genuine potential, and avoid scams.


Dash 2 Trade Platform Presale Dashboard Screenshot


The D2T scoring system focuses on five primary categories, the data for which is sourced both on and off-chain: Company & Team, Product, Marketing, Developement, and Tokenomics.

To give you a better idea, we interviewed two members of our scoring team, Pekko, and Dragan. Read on!

Company & Team Assessment

The first step in our evaluation process is scrutinizing the company's main aspects, specifically the team's dedication, and proficiency and the company’s structure, investments, and partnerships. This includes:


  • Evaluating the qualifications of the team members.
  • Assessing their business acumen, both on-chain and off-chain.
  • Examining the transparency and adequacy of information the project provides.
  • Ensuring the project clearly communicates its mission, and strategy, and showcases its team along with a solid funding plan.
  • Examining existing industry and VC partnerships.

Product Analysis

This category focuses on the product’s sustainability and vision. The evaluation encompasses:


  • A competitive analysis to understand where the project stands in the current market.
  • Examining market readiness and the foundation for the final product.
  • Assessing the impact that has already been made in the market.

Marketing & Community Evaluation

Here, we analyze the marketing strategies and community engagement of the project. The evaluation consists of:


  • Gauging social media presence across various platforms.
  • Analyzing community sentiment and engagement.
  • Understanding the marketing strategies employed by the project.
  • Assessing if the project's marketing is not just temporary hype, but has substantial long-term value.

Product Development Assessment

Product development is crucial for the success of any project. This assessment includes:


  • Evaluating the momentum in development.
  • Assessing the quality, user experience, and functionality of demos, betas, and testnets.
  • Ensuring that the development is in line with the project's vision and objectives.

Tokenomics Evaluation

Dash 2 Trade Platform Presale Dashboard Screenshot

Lastly, the scoring system integrates token economics and utility into the evaluation. This involves:


  • Awarding points for balanced token distribution.
  • Evaluating the lockup and vesting periods for the team and early investors.
  • Assessing the audited token contracts.
  • Examining liquidity provisions and other related factors.


By focusing on these five categories, the D2T presale rating presents a comprehensive analysis that empowers investors to make well-informed decisions. This systematic approach goes beyond surface-level information, providing deep insights into each project.


How do you identify projects to score? Do you consider community suggestions?


We utilize an array of resources that aggregate projects conducting presales and combine data from these sources. 


We do not score projects on-demand, but if our community expresses strong interest in certain presales, we may take them into consideration.


What social metrics do you consider, and why are they important to analyze?


We analyze an array of social media platforms popular in the crypto community (e.g. Telegram, Twitter, and Discord). Every piece of information, including views, shares, likes, retweets, user participation in contests, airdrops, and AMA sessions, is considered when shaping the final presale score.


Social network analysis is crucial, as these platforms are primary sources of information in the crypto world, offering insights into current trends and new developments.


How does Dash 2 Trade’s scoring system distinguish itself from others?


While many platforms provide general information about ongoing and upcoming presales, we go much deeper. Our dedicated team meticulously examines each presale, utilizing a systematic approach along with subjective assessment for each score assigned to a presale. We extract social data and present it as live metrics in conjunction with the scored presale.


Our analysis adopts an investor’s perspective. For instance, we assess whether early project backers have a token lockup period and the implications this has on selling pressure and price fluctuations.


D2T presale scoring amalgamates expertise and technology through our proprietary software that monitors the presale project’s smart contract address in real time, gathering data on both the amount raised and the rate at which funds are accrued. This provides additional metrics for gauging real-time interest during a presale.

The Bottom Line

With D2T’s presale scoring, users can greatly enhance their due diligence processes. Our goal is to expedite the information-gathering phase, empowering users to make informed decisions quickly. Our analysts evaluate critical data, including social and on-chain metrics, to rank each entry accurately, enabling our community to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.


Despite the recent bear market, our intel has proven valuable for the community. As reported by our assessment team, after crunching the numbers they have concluded that nearly all (except for two) of the presales that scored 60+ points have seen their ATH exceed that of their presale price.   


Note: Although scoring can greatly help in avoiding rug pulls and other scams, we remind users that it is no guarantee of complete safety. Presales remain extremely risky, so always inform yourself and do your own research (DYOR) before making trading decisions. Never risk anything you can’t afford to lose. 


Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out on our official Discord.

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